Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

Mick Jagger has been eating chicken pot pie lately.  I hope he is satisfied.  According to the New York Times he is.  And so are his glitterati friends.  I predict that before long we will be reading about rhubarb pie being served at Paris fashion week.
Just remember - you read it here first.

These kind of stories just kill me.  In my stodgy, comfortable and practical Midwestern kitchen, chicken pot pie has always been in style. I am so happy that all those skinny high strung celebrities are discovering the charms of pot pie.  Maybe they will be able to cut back on stimulants, anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. 

You do not have to go to fancy parties in New York to enjoy chicken pot pie.  You can make it at home.  Here's how:

Chicken Pot Pie (serves six)
  3 cups cooked chicken, cut in medium sized chunks
 (buy a whole chicken and poach it in some water with carrot onion, celery, bay leaf, salt and a few cloves and peppercorns.  You will end up with not only lots of chicken for pot pie or chicken salad or other dishes, you will have some nice homemade chicken broth.)

About six cups vegetables cooked just until tender and not mushy - peas and carrots and maybe a few potatoes are a traditional choice.  But you can substitute your favorites or what is available and in season.  Asparagus and fresh mushrooms would be nice. Or a combination of root vegetables like parsnip, carrot and rutabaga.  Or spinach and green onions.

About 4 cups bechamel, or white sauce.
Don't know how to do this?  See this post.

Fold together the chicken, vegetables and bechamel.  Put into one large fairly flat baking dish or six individual baking dishes.

Prepare your favorite pastry.  Roll out into one piece big enough to cover the large dish or six pieces to cover the individual dishes.  Place gently on top, pressing the pastry against the edge of the baking dish to seal.  Slash the top in a few places to let steam escape.

Bake at about 425 degrees until pastry is lightly browned and contents are bubbling hot.  Serve.

Note - you can use biscuit dough instead of pie pastry for the crust.  Pat thin and place on top - leave a little space around the edges. 


  1. Oh my lands, you kill me! Thanks for keeping it real in Minnesota. *smile* I can't wait for the spring CSA season to start, your suggestions for each box are inspiring.

  2. I love pot pie! I've been making some excellent vegetarian versions this winter. Chickpeas work very well in place of the chicken, along with a mix of potato, carrot, onions and some green veggie like peas or beans. A little thyme and mustard in the mix is also great.