Saturday, December 4, 2010

Potluck - Holiday gift ideas

Today I am rolling out a new category for my blog posts: Potluck.  Most everybody I know likes pot lucks.  Sometimes we like to sample lots of different things.  And there are so many things to talk about.

So here is what I have cooked up for Potluck this week:

Edible Twin Cities
If you have not yet checked out this magazine then do it today.  Even if you do not live in the Twin Cities.  If you are interested in real food, Minnesota food traditions, some good recipes and the topic of local food in general, then you will enjoy reading the articles in this quarterly publication.  And the photos are always wonderful.
Here is the website
You can subscribe for yourself or a friend online.  You also can sign up for the ETC free newsletter.
(Full disclosure - I have written for this magazine in the past and may do so in the future.  I think the folks behind this publication are doing important work to inform and educate the Minnesota public about the topic of food.  And to give local food businesses another way to reach their customers through advertising.)

A Featherstone CSA share
I think a CSA membership would be an excellent gift for a special person or family in your life.  Don't forget - quality vegetables are in style.  Peeling your own carrots and potatoes is definitely a high prestige activity.  And cooking with fennel or bok choy?  A sure way to impress your friends.  And don't you want the people you care about to eat healthy food?

If you sign up by Dec. 15 a 2011 Grande share costs $640 and a Chica share will be $490.  If a whole share is a little too spendy - maybe buy one for yourself and give a half share to a buddy.  Or get a group together to give this gift. Maybe you and your siblings could get together to give a CSA share to your parents.  Better than bathrobes and slippers.

People buy things like Fruit of the Month club all the time.  I checked out the Harry and David web site.  A nine month plan costs $299. I figured out that you would get about 38 pounds of fruit.  Even if it is lovely and tasty fruit, you have to admit that $7.87 a pound is a lot to spend for fruit.

I don't know what a 22 week season of Featherstone vegetables weighs, but I can pretty much guarantee that CSA vegetables cost A LOT LESS than $7.87 a pound for fabulous taste and nutrition you can feel good about.

A night at the movies
Speaking of feeling good - last night Frank and I finally were able to see the film Troubled Waters, which was screened here in our little town of Lanesboro.  (Thanks to Lanesboro Local
and the Lanesboro Arts Center

I think the film is very much worth seeing.  It made me proud to be associated with Featherstone Farm.  I don't know why it got so controversial, to tell you the truth.  As one person in the audience said last night.  "Sometimes the truth hurts."

Order a copy of the DVD here:

I am going to write a post next week about cookbooks.  What an overwhelming topic!  They make great gifts - but what to buy?
Meanwhile, you could always put together a little collection of some of your favorites as a gift - maybe along with some homemade food item.  A thoughtful and personal and affordable gift.  The best kind.


  1. thanks for the tip about the magazine! i will check it out!! love this idea, peggy, and a CSA share would make an excellent gift!!

  2. From the front page at the Bell Museum website:

    "DVDs of "Troubled Waters" are available for sale for $19.95 plus tax and shipping at the Bell Museum or by calling 612-626-4440."

    As a birthday gift to myself, 62 and counting, I am going to order a copy and donate it to the Lanesboro Library.