Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting ready - pick a perfect peeler

Any kitchen worthy of the name has at least one decent vegetable peeler living in it.  Today's assignment is to go through all your kitchen drawers and find a peeler.  I hope it is not rusty.  If you have not used a peeler in a long time, practice a little with the peeler(s) you have in your kitchen.   Use a carrot or a potato or even a cucumber.   Don't press too hard - a light but confident touch is what you want to achieve.  Is the peeler comfortable in your hand?  Does it glide smoothly?  Does it do a good job removing just the unwanted skin and not the vegetable insides?  If you can answer yes to these questions then you are all set.  Just keep your peeler in a handy spot.  Because if you are getting a CSA box this year you will be needing your peeler.

If you can't find a peeler in your kitchen or the one you find doesn't make you happy, then it is time to go peeler shopping.  If you think I am now going to tell you what peeler to buy then I am sorry to disappoint you.   I cannot make this decision for you.  It is personal.  Me choosing a peeler for you would be like me telling you what color to paint your bedroom.

But even if I can't pick the perfect peeler for you, I can give a little advice.  First, remember that you are buying a peeler, not a new car.  If you decide you really don't like the one you bought, get a different one.  Second,  don't obsess about this.  Life is too short.  Remember that your Mom probably did fine for decades with a 99 cent Ekco number that she got at Woolworths or the Ace Hardware.  Really.  Look at this picture. 

See the peeler with the smashed up green bean frencher at the bottom?  That is my absolute favorite peeler.  I use it all the time. I don't even remember when or where I picked it up but if my house was on fire I think I would take a few extra seconds to find the peeler before I ran out the door and called 911.

A few months ago I decided I needed to upgrade my peeler infrastructure.  I knew there were all kinds of new materials and ergonomic designs out there.  I certainly didn't want to get in a rut, peeler wise.  I don't want to be like those women who haven't changed their hairstyle since their senior year in high school, you know.  So I went to a fancy schmancy kitchen place and asked a not so knowledgeable clerk to help and brought home a new swivel type ceramic peeler.  It is fine.  But I still use my old friend the beat up peeler.  It is good enough for me.

Good luck and let me know how your peeler search turns out.


  1. Hi from your sister in NYC. Did you ever see that world-class vegetable peeler salesman at the Union Square Greenmarket? He was profiled in Vanity Fair. Here's a You Tube video starring him:

  2. My favorite peeler is from Pampered Chef. It fits my hand just right. Also, did you know you CAN sharpen that old dull peeler? Just give a couple of swipes along your knife sharpener :-)